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Tear Off Your Exam Stress !! – Part 1

February 25, 2011

It’s Time to Cool Off !

After Studied hard and made several Revisions it’s time to cool off..! As people say, Battle is won 90% in Mind & only 10% in Battle Field itself, as do the Exams. You have to be mentally Well-Composed.

Try to Avoid Panic

Everybody panics during Exam times, try your absolute best not to. Just play some of your favourite music, and relax. Also, breathing deeply is useful.

Believe in Yourself

You need to believe you can do it, and keep your morale and self-respect levels high-up.

Visualize its all going Right

Try to visualize that you are giving the Exam, write down all the information in short just to give the Mini Exam. Getting all the answer right and focus on how to feel relax during the Exam. If you imagine a Happy ending and find yourself Relax at the end of it,
this will lead you to a more happy and satisfied phase during the Exam.

Never Over/Under estimate Yourself

Don’t believe you can’t do it, but be Realistic. Don’t get worried about failing, but don’t get too Hyped up on getting straight A’s either!

We can discuss more about beating the Exam stress on our next session. Until then try to keep your Head cool, as It’s Time to Cool Off..!!

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