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Scorer Contest Reports (Jan 3rd – Jan 23rd of 2011)

January 28, 2011

The following table elucidates the Scorer Contest Reports of the TOP 5 Contenders who had participated in the Scorer Contests between Jan 3rd to Jan 23rd of 2011

Physics Contest (Jan 03 – Jan 09)

Names No.of times taken
Wasiullah M M 87
Subhalaxmi parida 63
M. srivani 57
M.Gowri,JGVV 56

Maths Contest (Jan 17 – Jan 23)

Names No.of times taken
karthik 110
M.Gowri,JGVV 62
Nivedita 36

Chemistry Contest (Jan 10 – Jan 16)

Names No.of times taken
M.Gowri,JGVV 286
Udaya S Vasanth 243
karthik 226
Wasiullah M M 150

No. of Contest Participants in Bar Diagram Representation

You can also take a look at this Bar Diagram which shows the No. of Contest participants who had taken tests in the Scorer Contest from Jan 3rd to Jan 23rd 2011

click to start practicing today!

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