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+2 Physics: one mark questions with answers

October 22, 2010
Electromagnetic induction is not used in
, March 2006
(A) room heater
(B) transformer
(C) choke coil.
(D) A.C.generator
Correct Answer :room heater
In television, blanking pulse is applied to
, March 2006
(A) control grid
(B) filament.
(C) horizontal plates 
(D) vertical plates
Correct Answer :control grid
The time taken by the radioactive element to reduce to times is
, March 2006
(B) twice the mean life.
(C) mean life
(D) half-life
Correct Answer :mean life
In LCR series a.c. circuit, the phase difference between current and voltage is 30 . The reactance of the circuit is 17.32 . The value of resistance is
, June 2006
(B) 10
(C) 17.32
(D) 30
Correct Answer :30
Potential energy of two equal negative point charges of magnitude 2 C placed 1 m apart in air is
, June 2006
(A)2 J
(B) 0.036 J
(C) 0.36 J
(D) 4 J
Correct Answer :0.036 J
In an AM superheterodyne receiver, the local oscillator frequency is 1.245 MHz. The tuned station frequency is
, June 2006
(A) 990 kHz
(B) 790 kHz
(C) 455 kHz
(D) 690 kHz
Correct Answer :790 kHz
In an a.c. circuit, the current = sin lags behind the e.m.f.e = sin by
, September 2006
(C) 0
Correct Answer :
A ray of light passes from a denser medium into a rarer medium. For an angle of incidence of 45 , the refracted ray grazes the surface of separation of the two media. The refractive index of the denser medium is
, September 2006
(C) 2.
Correct Answer :
According to special theory of relativity the only constant in all frames is
, September 2006
(A) mass
(B) time
(C) length
(D) velocity of light
Correct Answer :velocity of light
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