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Attention AIEEE aspirants! Released
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New Cool Dashboard to Smash AIEEE 2011

March 7, 2011

New Dash Board For had released today with a New Dashboard which will serve as a single platform to cater multiple functions like:

1. You can take Subject Tests/ Mock Tests, view Report, Know your RANK, Follow/ Challenge your Friends all in just one place

2. You can also know your Progress instantly by viewing the Burn-down Chart

3. You can Get your 12th Exam Results & can also Win exciting Prizes by entering your Public Exam Reg No.

4. If you still need any assistance, you can get Help by just clicking the Help Questions

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Tear Off Your Exam Stress – Part 2

February 28, 2011

It’s also Time to Stay Fit !

Last Friday we discussed about some of the things to stay fit mentally. But we can’t overlook the importance of keeping the body fit..Right! so here we go..

Don’t make the mistake of caffeine!

Sure, coffee makes you stay awake, but it doesn’t give you energy and you’ll soon lose your concentration, determination and probably waste a nights worth of revision

Eat healthy

It is important that you eat well, drink water and get lots of rest, especially the night before your exams

During the exam time always try to eat healthy food. Take food which is low in calories and easy to digest. Skip the sugar or food which has high sugar contents

Eat fresh fruits, cereals and veggies to keep your blood pressure stable. If you are studying for long hours then add protein in your diet chart


Also, try to get some form of exercise. Play your favorite outdoor game or take a ten minutes walk in the morning or evening to stay fit

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Tear Off Your Exam Stress !! – Part 1

February 25, 2011

It’s Time to Cool Off !

After Studied hard and made several Revisions it’s time to cool off..! As people say, Battle is won 90% in Mind & only 10% in Battle Field itself, as do the Exams. You have to be mentally Well-Composed.

Try to Avoid Panic

Everybody panics during Exam times, try your absolute best not to. Just play some of your favourite music, and relax. Also, breathing deeply is useful.

Believe in Yourself

You need to believe you can do it, and keep your morale and self-respect levels high-up.

Visualize its all going Right

Try to visualize that you are giving the Exam, write down all the information in short just to give the Mini Exam. Getting all the answer right and focus on how to feel relax during the Exam. If you imagine a Happy ending and find yourself Relax at the end of it,
this will lead you to a more happy and satisfied phase during the Exam.

Never Over/Under estimate Yourself

Don’t believe you can’t do it, but be Realistic. Don’t get worried about failing, but don’t get too Hyped up on getting straight A’s either!

We can discuss more about beating the Exam stress on our next session. Until then try to keep your Head cool, as It’s Time to Cool Off..!!

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A Sweet Chin Music For AIEEE Aspirants!!

February 18, 2011

Brand New AIEEE Tool From iPractice has released for the students who are dreaming to get placed in the top Engineering colleges of the Nation. offers unlimited online Mock tests with Question-to-Question Analysis, Chapter-to-Chapter Analysis , Subject-to-Subject Analysis & Complete Performance Report. The tool is also filled with extra special features like Nation-wide RANK Report, Follow Your Friends, Challenge Your Friends & much more..!

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Scorer Contest Reports (Jan 3rd – Jan 23rd of 2011)

January 28, 2011

The following table elucidates the Scorer Contest Reports of the TOP 5 Contenders who had participated in the Scorer Contests between Jan 3rd to Jan 23rd of 2011

Physics Contest (Jan 03 – Jan 09)

Names No.of times taken
Wasiullah M M 87
Subhalaxmi parida 63
M. srivani 57
M.Gowri,JGVV 56

Maths Contest (Jan 17 – Jan 23)

Names No.of times taken
karthik 110
M.Gowri,JGVV 62
Nivedita 36

Chemistry Contest (Jan 10 – Jan 16)

Names No.of times taken
M.Gowri,JGVV 286
Udaya S Vasanth 243
karthik 226
Wasiullah M M 150

No. of Contest Participants in Bar Diagram Representation

You can also take a look at this Bar Diagram which shows the No. of Contest participants who had taken tests in the Scorer Contest from Jan 3rd to Jan 23rd 2011

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Our Hearty Congratulations Winners!

January 28, 2011

Scorer Contest Winners (Jan 3 – Jan 23rd of 2011)

Let us congratulate our Scorer Contest winners M Gowri who had won both the Physics & Chemistry contests and Subhalaxmi parida who had topped the Maths contest

M Gowri, The Winner, recieves the Prize

M Gowri had been awarded with a sum of Rs.10,000 by in her School’s Republic Day Celebration

The Winner M Gowri with her Teachers

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Submit Your Registration No. to Get 2011 Results with Prizes

January 28, 2011

Get Results! Get Prizes! have added a new feature which will help you to know your 12th EXAM RESULTS 2011. In addition as a Bonus, You can Win a Special Prize from, if You become the Topper among Our Community

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